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  3. 2019年8月 お料理教室(外国の方向け)

2019年8月 お料理教室(外国の方向け)

On August 4, 2019, we held a cooking workshop making Japanese cuisine to the foreigners, such as tuna mixed with soy source, sake, and milin for Mukozuke, fried tofu for wan and rice mixed with Japanese pickles. Even though it was a hot day this summer, they were interested in and got enthusiastic in the cooking, and arranged their dishes in the Fuchidaka Bento box Daitokuji temple style. After lunch, they tasted the cups of Japanese green tea “Maccha” as well. We hope they were exposed to and felt the Japanese culture.
Enjoy some of the photos.
Report and photos: Kazuko Fujita


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