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  3. 2020年10月 ぽんぽんつき

2020年10月 ぽんぽんつき

Ponpontsuki, a local tradition was held by boys from 7 to 15 years old. On the full moon night, they visited every house and prayed for the productiveness of grain. Food-Ann waited for the children to drop by and prepared the Ponpontsuki arrangement that are some flowers in a sake bottle, rice dumplings, sweet potatoes, festive red rice, and a Japanese candle. The boys hit the ground with the Tsutowara, a long stick made with some straws. Fathers or Grandfathers make the sticks for boys. Each house welcomes this group and gives them some reward. Though the local traditional custom used to get caught in a crisis due to the decreasing number of children, fortunately, eight boys participated in the team. Nowadays, Girls can join the group. After leaving the children, it got back to a calm night with a full moon.

Report and photos by Kazuko Fujita

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